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Propping Up Recovery Makes

Tools for Change

Making tools for us means helping people find ways to over come obstacles and challenges. We help individuals add to their own recovery toolbox. 

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Short Films

Last year we created an amazing portfolio of work!

Propping Up Recovery is created by a team of experts and wonderful Artists. Join our team using link below.

 Please review the movies by leaving your comments and get ready for Movie making season with PUR 2023! 

We would love to hit 10k subscribers! Make that happen!

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This short film


Best Pandemic Film

CARE Awards 2022


Best 48 hour film

DC GO International film festival


The Broken 

This short film was selected for the Kalakari Film Fest

Check the Kalakari Film Fest for updates.

Other Services

We formulated the EMO Blend essential oil for helping people de stress, we make sleep masks and fashionable face masks, offer headshot services, all on top of making short films for people in recovery. 

Stay Up to Date With All Things PUR

PUR operates on Saturdays making and creating media art that tells various recovery human service topics. PUR is creating again this MAY 2022. Join our email list to get updates. 

Thanks for joining!

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