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Finding InsPURation at Every Turn

We have been making movies and writing songs since 2016

We are award winning filmmakers!

Kacy awards CARE.JPG

The Team

We enjoy competing and making films quickly with a finished product. We have made over 10 films this way (competing in 2-5 days of filmmaking in competitions).  Help us expand the media content for people with disabilities by joining our team to create a short film that has a positive impact.

Richmond 48 Team Mental Props July 14th

Puerto Rico 48 team Mental props November 10th, 2023 

Wash DC 48 Hour Film May 5-7th

Filmmaking season is upon us! scoll down to look at the other cities we are joining! but first, here is our Washington DC 48 Team Mental Props!

Mental Props created a suicide prevention piece, Linda is trapped in her head, can she use the skills she has to have a meaningful day?

Watch the Trailer here (not released yet)

EDFC 23 Mental Props  March 28th - April 2nd

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