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PUR programs include a Women in Cinema UG bike program, 48 hour Film Making Contests, & Film Volunteer Experience
Keep scrolling to join and remember to SUBSCRIBE on our youtube channel!

48 Hour Film-making Contest!
are you trying to gain experience or see yourself on screen! join our 48 hour team
"Mental Props" to compete in some fun Film-making Challenges! Award winning!!
email to get started!!

Do you want to gain experience in still photography, videography, creating B roll & marketing material, producing, writing, and assistant directing
Tell us what EXPERIENCE you are looking for via email to info@proppinguprecovery

Bike Program

PUR in partnership with OLa Visualz, donates bikes and other equipment to OLa Visualz employees and interns free of charge to women in UGANDA. PLEASE Share and DONATE to this program, CASH, CHECK, OR DONATION via ETSY. WE have given away 3 bikes and hope to give away more in 2023!!

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